Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~Tasty Tuesday~ Breakfast

Breakfast Burritos & Egg Muffin Sandwiches

(premake 12 at a time)

You'll need:

vacuum seal storage bags

paper towels/napkins


6 tortillas

6 english muffins

1 dozen eggs

6 slices bacon

6 slices cheese

6 sausage patties or canadian bacon circles

salt & pepper

It took about an hour to bust out the 12 items and about $10 so that's under $1 each morning for a hot fresh burrito or sandwich. Take one to work, take out of bag, pop in the microwave wrapped in paper towel. maybe 30-45 seconds, time varies, try it a few times to get it right.


Warm up 6 tortillas, place 1/2 slice cheese in the center of each,

Cook up 6 slices bacon, place a slice on top of each tortilla w/ cheese,

Scramble up 6 eggs, scoop out evenly between the tortillas.

Fold two sides in slightly and roll tight, wrap with paper towel,

place in bag, seal, label and freeze.

Egg Muffins~

Open the 6 muffins, place 1/2 slice cheese on each,

either cook up sausage patties and place on cheese,

or place a slice of canadian bacon on cheese,

Fry up an egg at a time, place on meat,

Close sandwich, wrap with paper towel,

place in bag, seal, label & freeze


Monday, August 29, 2011


So with this past week going as well as it has I'm feeling up to a diet again. I know over the years I couldnt stay with it but I really need a life long eating habit change. Here I go again, this time I'm cutting out dairy (hopefully to help with my acne issues) and starch (potatoes,pastas,bread,rice). I'll mainly be on meat/veggies/fruits and I'll add in egg & beans if I feel like it. I am off soda already, but will weed out the other drinks as time goes by, I enjoy my morning coffee way to much.

Lunch yesterday~
tuna (in oil=no soy product added), msprinkled w/ seasame seeds & soy
green beans w/ salt-pepper-garlic
boiled egg w/ rice srinkles
seaweed sheets

This can be GF w/ the right soysauce, LC too since theres no rice.
So good I almost didnt miss the Jasmin Rice I normally eat this with.

Over time I know this will get easier


Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 growing boys

All in one room !?!
really, can it be done?
of course it CAN but comfortably?
w/ privacy?
how about when they are all so different?
or have way to much stuff each?
what about all the gaming stuff they are to "share"

Well I did it! I fit all 3 boys in one room.

Here I'll show you :)
Take the largest room in the house
(yes its even bigger than the master w/o a closet &/or bath)

J's side

C's side

A's side (w/o his stuff- still to be unpacked)

gaming station

from the door

Me-a quick round up.....

....of whats been going on.
Over the past year or so I've been working on parenting classes, mindfullness, love & logic........
Well I came to finally realize its me, I need help, I feel the need to run-but cant. I look back and see that its been a few years that I've been slowly going downhill.
I called for an appt.
So the past 7 weeks I've been trying out some meds, 3 to be exact, this one seems to be it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~Tasty Tuesday~ Fresh Peach Cinnamon Crisp

Super yummy!
quick & easy too
(from a nonbakers point of view)

preheat oven 375

9.5in pie dish, butter lightly

9 fresh ripe (unloved by the kids) peaches, peel-slice-deseed, place in piepan

4tsp lemon juice, sprinkle over peaches

in bowl mix together-
1c all purpose flour (gluten free works too)
1c brown sugar
1tsp cinnamon

add in 1 egg and fork blend it to make a crumbly mixture

sprinkle crumble mixture on top of peaches

melt 1 stick (1/2c) butter and drizzle ontop of mixture

bake 35min

serve & top with a scoop of vanilla icecream (to the kids who wouldn't eat the peaches, and they cleaned their bowls)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Alder Lake

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July '11

We celebrated a day early due to the man having to work this morning,

here I'll include a few pictures of us out at Alder Lake, WA.

It's such a great State Park, very nice, clean, complete with everything, volleyball, parks, tables and bbqs all along the lakefront, swimming zone, boat docks, tons of tent and RV spots that also had lots of room, table and a prebuilt fire pits.

We were only there for the day but want to definitely go back for a weekend trip.

Monday, June 27, 2011

To my Husband

If there is a task to be done you've always completed it-even more so than needed, you've worked your way up through your sections and platoons, trained your guys to be the best Sergeant's & Chiefs they can be, you've spent many nights in the field firing off rounds, you've worked hard to make new ranks, doing jobs that are a step above you, here you are today as Gunny doing your final reenlistment-indefinite now.

12 years in, 12 medals too

11 rotations of NTC/JRTC

10 years with me

9 schools

8 years to go

7 months RearD

6 deployments, 6 units

5 Campaign Medals

4 kids

3 major Bases

2 weeks Air Assault

1 Purple Heart & 1 Order of Saint Barbara

There are a few things missing, the losses, the injuries, the surgeries too, I've seen you in BDU's, DCU's and ACU's, Class A greens now those pretty Blues, soft caps, booney hats, beret's too, spit shinning boots, brushing desert tans, oh and those fancy dress shoes.

This was just a quick rundown I wrote for you, a reminder of sorts of what you've gone through, you're such a hard worker, I'm so proud of you.

I love you !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes we are still alive!

Another move was made, unexpectedly but needed, we are still here in WA, but out in the Mountains, far from the hussle and bussle of the Interstate, City, Bases.
After a few things were finished up with A he has chosen not to come with us, even though it would be best for him, he is still nearby and we are still dealing with a few random loose ends.
C has settled into his new school nicely, J too is liking full day kinder, L is adjusting to being the only child for most of the day.
I'm enjoying the quite, the sun, the birds, not so much the boxes everywhere.....
Hubby seems to enjoy coming home, it is more of a drive for him, no more coming home for lunch, but he does mention he likes the trees and seclusion.
So thats where posting for April and most of May have gone.

Tasty Tuesday ~ $5 & 20min Pasta Dinner

This is so simple & easy to change,

great for cleaning out the pantry or freezer,

don't mind the first picture (i forgot to take the ingredients picture before hand)

Everything pictured here totalled under $5 and was on hand

Alfredo Sauce $2

Pasta free with sauce

Mushrooms $1 half package

Green Beans $.50 half a bag-frozen

Slice and saute mushrooms as the green beans or defrosting for a minute

add green beans to mushrooms- sprinkle with salt,pepper,garlic & parsley

add in Alfredo and 1/2 a jar of milk

Boil pasta as per directions

toss into veggie/sauce mix

if you have canned green beans those could work, or even 1/2 a bag of broccoli,

I've added left over chicken or turkey too, mix & match get creative


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~Tasty Tuesday~ Egg over Spinach

So here's a lowcarb quickie
I have a thing for this dish
I may even eat it too much
to top it off its all cooked in one pan
Pictured here the egg is fried, please note its super great pouched as well
Let's get started
in a saucepan add in a 1/4 cup water
a big handful fresh spinach
season with salt & pepper
cook spinach down, stir occasionally
once cooked through remove to plate
add to pan 2 slices of bacon
cook through
remove to drain
in bacon grease fry up egg
season if you'd like
cook through
top spinach with egg
crumble bacon on top of egg
add fresh shredded Parmesan cheese


(Yumm Yumm Yumm)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sausage & Peppers redone

well here I'm showing it a few different ways.
First~ for the lowcarbers
no rice in this one instead its served over a bowl of broccoli
for something different than rice
this is served over pasta and a touch of broccoli is added as well
(dont mind my sideways pic)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ Garlic Dill Slaw

Long time no post!
I'm determined to get back into a groove.

This week we have a lowcarb no sugar Garlic Dill Slaw
Really simple and quick to make
1/2 head green cabbage
1/2 head purple cabbage
6 slices bacon
1 cucumber
1 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp crushed/chopped garlic
1 tbsp fresh chopped dill
salt, pepper
Start cooking bacon,
slice up the cabbage and cucumber to your thinness preference,
in a bowl mix cucumber with mayonnaise, vinegar, garlic, dill, salt & pepper
after its mixed through pour and mix over cabbage
serve up, top with crushed bacon
serves 6

Monday, March 7, 2011

An update of sorts

Wow, so its been a while, there's really no reason or excuse.
Life -as it goes- happens.
Chris has started HS Soccer! WooHoo!
Alex is headed back to school this week and hopefully starting Baseball after Spring Break.
Jullian just made SuperStarStudent and totally deserved it, Swimming lessons are in the near future.
Lyla is 4! Talking up a storm and showing a full blown girly attitude, sleeping very well I might add, swimming for is in too on the agenda.
Hubby has lost a bit of weight, yay! Was up for and received the Saint Barbaras Award a few weeks ago, getting ready now to head out to OK for a few weeks.
Me, a few pounds down, felt pretty good in my dress, realizing that I do need to keep up the hair color and spend a bit of time on my brows, it really does wonders at helping me look not so old.

Monday, January 3, 2011

and school is open!

Wow what a two week ride.
The holidays went well, even with Alex in & out the door.
We are still waiting for Epiphany to roll around then I'll pack up the decorations.
J seemed ok going back today. He says he cant sleep tonight but he's so tired.
C did quite well getting up and moving around after having a wacked out sleeping scheduale.
L seemed at peace with the house empty, she even played all by her self while I cleaned the bathroom.
A, he wasn't here. We do need to get him transfered to a new school, the board never called me back today. He's back tonight though, so I'll try again tomorrow to see which are our options.
To be honest though, I'm waiting for the house to be quite too.
Hubby goes back to work tomorrow.

Weigh in

Was not pretty!
It turns out my goal is 26lbs & Mike 51lbs.
We will save everyone our total now weights ok.
Atkins is going alright, we are both tired today, which is normal.
We aren't hungry, but not satisfied, again to be expected I'm guessing.
We did get lucky, the Phase 1 book we have has the 2 weeks menu planned out so I just had to shop for the recipes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

This will be a great year!

To start it off-
1. Mike & I both are following Atkins, 3 books are on the kitchen counter now, 20 something pages into the 1st already.
2. Mike & I will NOT charge anything. Our envelopes are going great we even have a tad left over for a date night but not for our snowball, we WILL fix this. No more debt! Hello SNOWBALL!

Personal- I want to write in here lots more, if not daily at least a few times a week. I WILL figure this out & fit it into my days/nights.
Work- To complete 52 projects= an item a week if not more.