Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is a soup my MIL makes when she visits.

My husband now cooks it.

(this feeds our family of 6)

You need:
Big pot w/ lid

8 drumsticks/thighs (your choice, mix them if you'd like), skin pulled off
1C rice
2tbls Sofrito
2tbls Recaito
1 pk Sazon
2 chicken bouillon cubes
1tsp Oregano
1 small can tomato sauce
Olive Oil

Let's get started:

After rinsing and skinning the chicken rub it all down with Adobo (We sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle, if that helps any)

Pour Olive Oil into pot (enough to just cover the bottom)

Heat about med-high (on my electric stove maybe a 7)

Place Chicken in, cook until a golden brown

Add in everything else and fill the pot with water, leaving a few inches at the top

Bring to boil and then drop to simmer on low (2-3) partially covered for a couple hours

That's it!

Super yummy, perfect for a hang over, or on a cold day, all who've tried this at our home have always enjoyed it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

my reasoning

For not getting any work done these past two months.
So moving sucks, I admit I dislike it very much.
I like new places and moving furniture around but actual moving ....
I wish I could blink my eyes or snap my fingers and its just done for me.
This move was a bit different then our normal pcs move.
We got packed up last June, 6 people and a dog, 2200 sqft, 4 bdrms, office, dining rm, laundry rm, 2 story, hardwood and tile only, the works, our perfect home.
We get here and are in a temp duplex-3 bdrm, 1100 sqft, cream colored carpet, parking spot that we have to walk in the rain to get to the door.
2 people to a room, no one is too thrilled, the laundry room is a closet in the hall.
So the movers bring the trucks-yes trucks-2, the drivers look at us like we are crazy and say "all this isn't going to fit", really we knew this already.
We get our couches, dining table, beds, tv's, and pick through clothes and kitchen boxes. Everything else gets put under the covered back porch. The movers come to pick up everything again, 4 crates stuffed full.
6 months and a few days later hubby gets orders. Um... "I'm not moving by myself hun"
So he goes in and gets us pushed to the top of the list due to him leaving, yay a 4bdrm! Ok but still small, 1400 sqft, well small for all our crap, cream carpet again, hence why you see vinyl runners everywhere, yes I put vinyl down, 4 kids and a dog in Rainy Town WA.
Jan 18 we got our truck-Feb 15 I finally feel done enough to take pics.
So here you go, after 3 full van loads to the thrift shop, plenty of trash boxes, and multiple trips to the recycling center.
From the front door
Our odd shaped livingroom
My down sized collection of niknaks and books
From the back door
The undecorated dining room
Super messy kitchen
Hall from main entrance, yes thats the laundry on the left
General hall connecting all bedrooms and 1 bath
Super messy boys room, A & J share
L's room, my favorite, and the cleanest most organized
C's room, yes he's sleeping at 11, ugg teens
Kids bathroom, the smallest ever
Oh no nevermind, mine is!
And last but not least, the office,
The new desk
Now to start on the office and then get back into sewing.
And no you didn't miss it, theres no master bedroom,
ok ok there is but its not done yet either so no pics yet.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


12:19pm Christopher Robert was born
weighing in at 8lb 1oz
So handsome with his dark hair and blue eyes.
Here is my oldest.
Time sure does fly by when we are all
growing and changing and becoming better.
I'm so proud of this guy.