Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes we are still alive!

Another move was made, unexpectedly but needed, we are still here in WA, but out in the Mountains, far from the hussle and bussle of the Interstate, City, Bases.
After a few things were finished up with A he has chosen not to come with us, even though it would be best for him, he is still nearby and we are still dealing with a few random loose ends.
C has settled into his new school nicely, J too is liking full day kinder, L is adjusting to being the only child for most of the day.
I'm enjoying the quite, the sun, the birds, not so much the boxes everywhere.....
Hubby seems to enjoy coming home, it is more of a drive for him, no more coming home for lunch, but he does mention he likes the trees and seclusion.
So thats where posting for April and most of May have gone.

Tasty Tuesday ~ $5 & 20min Pasta Dinner

This is so simple & easy to change,

great for cleaning out the pantry or freezer,

don't mind the first picture (i forgot to take the ingredients picture before hand)

Everything pictured here totalled under $5 and was on hand

Alfredo Sauce $2

Pasta free with sauce

Mushrooms $1 half package

Green Beans $.50 half a bag-frozen

Slice and saute mushrooms as the green beans or defrosting for a minute

add green beans to mushrooms- sprinkle with salt,pepper,garlic & parsley

add in Alfredo and 1/2 a jar of milk

Boil pasta as per directions

toss into veggie/sauce mix

if you have canned green beans those could work, or even 1/2 a bag of broccoli,

I've added left over chicken or turkey too, mix & match get creative