Friday, April 20, 2012

movin' and groovin'

...right along you can say.

Fridays are nice down days here in the house. The 3 boys head out to school and L stays home with me, we usually hang around in our pj's and sport bed head all day :P
Today we got up and hit the bank, picked up a few things for the Mr. went and visited long enough for him and L to watch a movie together while I thumbed through a new quilt book.
Home to cook dinner, J to BBall practice, driven by a neighbor, such a life saver. Now I've been here on the comp. for the last few hours.

Chuggin' chuggin' chuggin' right along......

Sunday, April 15, 2012

6 weeks ago.....

The Hubby was in a horrid car accident. He is alive and well and will recover over time.
(Who knew this would be hard to write out? I have it all written in my head.)
The first weekend of March my parents were flying in for a 4 day weekend, my mom has been overseas for 18 months already and my dad is down South. It has been a long time since we have seen them. Being an only child with a small immediate family it's hard sometimes. (I tease and say that's why I had 4 kids- so they wouldn't have to ever be alone- they would always have their siblings). They flew in early afternoon Thursday, we shopped for dinner and went about as usual got the kids from school etc. Hubby was on 24hr duty so we knew he'd need to sleep Friday so L and I got ready and planned on heading to the hotel after he got home about 10. I'm normally a dinner cook, occasionally pancakes on the weekends, I don't cook breakfast or set up a meal at an odd time unless asked. Friday morning as I was getting ready, for some odd reason I made the hubby a plate about 9:45. Set it all out with cutlery and a glass. Finished getting ready. 10 rolls around and I start to wonder 'wow he's not home, no call yet either to say he'd be late'. I call, leave him a message that his plate was ready and L and I were leaving, we'd all meet up about 3 for when the kids would get home.
'hum, odd' was what I keep thinking. We get to the hotel, start talking about lunch and my phone rings. It was so unreal. We head to the ER, only to pass an accident scene. I'm driving and can see everything, I literally had to stop, mom tried saying it wasn't the Mr's car but I knew it was. It was gone, destroyed, totalled, cut apart.
From then on Friday around 11:30 was just a mess of Dr's, Hospitals, Xrays, nurses, everything medically related.
Hubby had ribs right side 3-9 broken, right hip broken w/ femur damage, left foot/ankle crushed.
They had to cut him out of the car, it was 2 hrs from time of accident until phone call to me.
He was in Seattle, a few hours away up with the best hip surgeon around.
He underwent 3 surgeries in the next week. 17 days in the Trauma Center.
The past month he's been in Olympia in a Skilled Nursing Facility. He's able to sit up now, slide to a potty chair, slide to a special wheelchair. He's currently still restricted to no lower limb pressure. His hip healing is going nicely, 54 staples removed. His left foot is casted with internal and external hardware attached.
It's a double whammy though for PT, since its both sides its a bit tricky for them to start (when they get the go to) on his right side strength building since he can't get the left side down and vise versa.

There's way more as a filler in the days between, but we don't need to hear how I almost go crazy now do we :P
We do have a wonderful Community that provided dinners for a couple weeks, built us a ramp and passed on a Hospital bed to us.

We are here- surviving- we will make it through this!


Front of car


All shaved up one night that I got to stay over


So Gross! his foot after 4 weeks


On his first outing (being the Easter Bunny for the kids)