Monday, March 7, 2011

An update of sorts

Wow, so its been a while, there's really no reason or excuse.
Life -as it goes- happens.
Chris has started HS Soccer! WooHoo!
Alex is headed back to school this week and hopefully starting Baseball after Spring Break.
Jullian just made SuperStarStudent and totally deserved it, Swimming lessons are in the near future.
Lyla is 4! Talking up a storm and showing a full blown girly attitude, sleeping very well I might add, swimming for is in too on the agenda.
Hubby has lost a bit of weight, yay! Was up for and received the Saint Barbaras Award a few weeks ago, getting ready now to head out to OK for a few weeks.
Me, a few pounds down, felt pretty good in my dress, realizing that I do need to keep up the hair color and spend a bit of time on my brows, it really does wonders at helping me look not so old.

1 comment:

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