Monday, January 3, 2011

and school is open!

Wow what a two week ride.
The holidays went well, even with Alex in & out the door.
We are still waiting for Epiphany to roll around then I'll pack up the decorations.
J seemed ok going back today. He says he cant sleep tonight but he's so tired.
C did quite well getting up and moving around after having a wacked out sleeping scheduale.
L seemed at peace with the house empty, she even played all by her self while I cleaned the bathroom.
A, he wasn't here. We do need to get him transfered to a new school, the board never called me back today. He's back tonight though, so I'll try again tomorrow to see which are our options.
To be honest though, I'm waiting for the house to be quite too.
Hubby goes back to work tomorrow.

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