Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~Tasty Tuesday~ Breakfast

Breakfast Burritos & Egg Muffin Sandwiches

(premake 12 at a time)

You'll need:

vacuum seal storage bags

paper towels/napkins


6 tortillas

6 english muffins

1 dozen eggs

6 slices bacon

6 slices cheese

6 sausage patties or canadian bacon circles

salt & pepper

It took about an hour to bust out the 12 items and about $10 so that's under $1 each morning for a hot fresh burrito or sandwich. Take one to work, take out of bag, pop in the microwave wrapped in paper towel. maybe 30-45 seconds, time varies, try it a few times to get it right.


Warm up 6 tortillas, place 1/2 slice cheese in the center of each,

Cook up 6 slices bacon, place a slice on top of each tortilla w/ cheese,

Scramble up 6 eggs, scoop out evenly between the tortillas.

Fold two sides in slightly and roll tight, wrap with paper towel,

place in bag, seal, label and freeze.

Egg Muffins~

Open the 6 muffins, place 1/2 slice cheese on each,

either cook up sausage patties and place on cheese,

or place a slice of canadian bacon on cheese,

Fry up an egg at a time, place on meat,

Close sandwich, wrap with paper towel,

place in bag, seal, label & freeze