Monday, August 29, 2011


So with this past week going as well as it has I'm feeling up to a diet again. I know over the years I couldnt stay with it but I really need a life long eating habit change. Here I go again, this time I'm cutting out dairy (hopefully to help with my acne issues) and starch (potatoes,pastas,bread,rice). I'll mainly be on meat/veggies/fruits and I'll add in egg & beans if I feel like it. I am off soda already, but will weed out the other drinks as time goes by, I enjoy my morning coffee way to much.

Lunch yesterday~
tuna (in oil=no soy product added), msprinkled w/ seasame seeds & soy
green beans w/ salt-pepper-garlic
boiled egg w/ rice srinkles
seaweed sheets

This can be GF w/ the right soysauce, LC too since theres no rice.
So good I almost didnt miss the Jasmin Rice I normally eat this with.

Over time I know this will get easier


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