Monday, June 27, 2011

To my Husband

If there is a task to be done you've always completed it-even more so than needed, you've worked your way up through your sections and platoons, trained your guys to be the best Sergeant's & Chiefs they can be, you've spent many nights in the field firing off rounds, you've worked hard to make new ranks, doing jobs that are a step above you, here you are today as Gunny doing your final reenlistment-indefinite now.

12 years in, 12 medals too

11 rotations of NTC/JRTC

10 years with me

9 schools

8 years to go

7 months RearD

6 deployments, 6 units

5 Campaign Medals

4 kids

3 major Bases

2 weeks Air Assault

1 Purple Heart & 1 Order of Saint Barbara

There are a few things missing, the losses, the injuries, the surgeries too, I've seen you in BDU's, DCU's and ACU's, Class A greens now those pretty Blues, soft caps, booney hats, beret's too, spit shinning boots, brushing desert tans, oh and those fancy dress shoes.

This was just a quick rundown I wrote for you, a reminder of sorts of what you've gone through, you're such a hard worker, I'm so proud of you.

I love you !

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