Friday, June 18, 2010

surgery 3

The last two days have been going alright.
J is taken it hard that daddy can't do anything & that he's sleeping more than usual. L is ok. The big boys are acting normal, I guess.
I feel it as a strain alittle more than usual.
Hubby is up & smoking & going to the bathroom, other than that he's in bed resting. Today he got a really bad migraine & then it turned into a fever of 100. I called it in but they said its normal since the spinal fully wore off & all the surgery meds are now out of his system. I kept him feed and hydrated and now he seems a bit better, still getting the sweats though.
Tomorrow the bandage comes off and I gotta be the one to remove it. I don't like doing these type things, I'm always worried of whats under them, stitches stuck to bandages, puss, infection, gooey gross stuff. Wish me luck.

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