Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

J's class had their last field trip Thursday.
The weather held off perfectly,
in between the 5 days of constant rain we didn't get 1 drop the whole time we were there.
It's a nice little Zoo.
The best part for me~I could see the Ocean peaking through the trees from the walking trail.
The day before our trip there the Tiger had 2 babies, we could see her resting under the trees but not the babies.
The Monkeys gave us a show for a few minutes.
We even got a pic of the white one.
The Porcupines where huge!
I've never seen them old & full grown I guess,
just the random straggler by the road and those are still pretty small.
We saw Penguins & Polar bears of course.
And Otters! Yes, Sea Otters like in Monterey Bay. They were so cute floating around, IMO I think they needed more kelp/seaweed in their habitat but what can I do?
I know there's way more but the pics will show a few things & of course J & L will get a scrapbook page of the trip.

Pics to come soon.

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