Thursday, June 17, 2010

surgery 2

So everything went smoothly, the actual work took a bit longer then estimated. Hubby got a spinal so he was actually awake for bits & pieces, he remembers mumbling here & there & even seeing his insides on the TV screen. (silly man of mine)
Doc told me all looked good, they sucked out the floating cartilage debree and buffed up the outer cartilage rim & even did some bone scrapping to get a ball on his hip, it was pretty flat & causing damage/friction.
Hubby was pretty out of it. it took awhile for him to get coherent and be able to sit and move into a wheel chair. so we could leave.
Getting meds was a whole nether story. They gave us a scrip so we could bring it to our hospital on base, the main pharmacy was closed, so we tried through the in house/er pharmacy, no go, so we had to go to Walgreens get the script in and wait, yes wait 45 more mins. By the time we got his meds it was actually 45 mins later then when he was due to take them.
We got home, hubby slept soundly, I was up here & there.

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