Thursday, June 10, 2010

meal planning GF dinners.......

..........& no one seems to notice.
I'm Gluten Free all the time, the hubby & kids are not.
So to sit & eat together for dinner I choose to make the whole meal GF.
I was doing two dinners off the same meat/veggie but that was getting old & time consuming.
Here's my way of planning out dinners so that no one seems to notice & there's no complaints.
I rotate out the main item in this order
-GF Pasta
So the next 8 days look like this
-tomato, zucchini, mozzarella over pasta
-chicken caesar salad
-steak, broccoli & baked potato
-corn beef & corn over rice
-homemade tomato sauce over spaghetti
-steak um salad
-pork chops with potato & onions
-bulgogi over rice
I try to mix up the type of food when planning, we are such a mixture in this house that I try to get alittle bit of everything in our meals, plus we all enjoy food way to much & I'm really lucky not to have picky eaters.
Looking above you see Italian, Asian, American, Puerto Rican.
The plus side too is that all ingredients are in the fridge/pantry already so no more shopping to accomplish this.

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