Monday, June 7, 2010

cutting tv time

So you see we are addicted to TV, yes, we, all of us.

I know growing up I used it as my company and friend, being an only child may have been the reason.

My kids seem to have it on just because, maybe because I did when they were younger.

~C is the exception now. As a little one we didn't have cable so he'd watch movies, after movie after movie, but he couldn't sleep if it was on so we had to be careful there.
~A turns it on instantly when he wakes up, he has it on mute even as he's on the comp. or doing homework, if him & I do something together, it's watch a movie.
~J said to me today "but I love the TV mom", "this is why it needs to be cut down in time hun".
He likes to watch it, stare at it, talk to it, but then if it's not on something for him he goes crazy.
~L likes the TV, she asks for specific things to watch, shes still young enough to watch good educational shows.

Hubby is a whole nether story, I think he uses it as company & to zone us all out, but hes practically deaf & blind so its too loud & hes way to close to it. He can not fall asleep without it on & if he's trying to watch something on the couch then its a guarantee he'll fall asleep & miss it.

So our new weekday goal is no more than 2hrs M-F per person.
C should be fine
A needs to be more picky when he turns it on
J will learn to be more show specific
L just needs to pick and stick
Hubby pretty much needs to wait till after dinner & pick wisely
Me, well I'm good during the day, I just watch TV when everyone is asleep anyways (hehe)

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