Monday, January 2, 2012

Time for bed yet?

So I can wake up!
Woot! School starts tomorrow!
This was a long Winter Holiday for sure.
Mr was home on half days and had 2 4 days in a row. The monkeys were off from the 16th thru today. C planned out his work & play pretty well, J was starting to hint on cabin fever, L was honest and admitted missing school about 4 days ago. A is .... well .... locked up :( that boy!
We picked up a new to us Explorer-here's to hoping it helps the Mr's hip abit.
I decorated the outside with tons of white lights-just for them to keep blowing out every few hours. The tree was mine this year- I worked it up in Purples & Golds, vintage wooden ornaments and red bows. Just lovely I tell you. The house was also decorated in Wooden Objects only.
I'll get up a few pics shortly.
Christmas was a hit, we toned it down compaired to what we've done in the past. The kids got to ask "Santa" for one big thing, and ask "us" for a couple little items.
We stuck to it well.
Heres a toast (with my glass of Pinot) to a great Year ahead for us all and GoodNight.

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