Sunday, January 22, 2012

the last 5 days

So we awake Wednesday to this beautiful snow :)

Luke loved it too!

We then awoke on Thursday to no power.
We got to make coffee the super fun way ;)
Then hey what beats breakfast on the grill. Potatoes, sausage & eggs cooked right there in one pot on one burner.
We stayed home most of Thursday, we decided to head out but after driving around we realize everyone was w/o power too. We found one resturant open anf had a nice warm dinner. We did sleep nat home and tried to function on Friday but we started to get cold quick, the house was losing heat pretty fast. At about noon it was 47 inside. Thankfully hubby had a friend who had a hotel in a nearby city and invited us over. We packed up and headed out, the trees were down everywhere, power lines were hanging, the back roads to base were closed. After 2 hours we finally made it (normally a 45-60 min drive). Get to the hotel just to find out they are w/o power too. We made do, cooked up chicken gumbo & rice on the camping stove. Watched a movie on the laptop and hit the beds early. Saturday hubby got called in- since they didnt work all week- I headed to the house, let the dogs out, cleaned out the freezers since they were defrosted, took a shower, got the proprane filled, feed the kids lunch. We headed out to stay the night in Lacey. Here it is Sunday, I get home first thing to find lights on! say what? yep power is restored. I set up the heater, cleaned up a bit, went grocery shopping and we are home. In our nice warm beds, watching netflix, uploading a few pics, well I'm still up- all are asleep and snoring away.
I will need to call the landlord, theres tree branches all over the roof and in the gutters....

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