Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~Tasty Tuesday~ anytime egg

the anytime egg-
this is so easy, quick and versitle anyone can make this.
We have had this for breakfast, lunch, snack and yes, even dinner.

In a small pan,
heat up a tad of oil/butter/spray (whatever you like to use).
Place in corn tortilla, cook until slightly golden & flip for a minute, move it to your plate.
Place in your favorite breakfast meat (pictured here is a thick ham slice) I love bacon, it can even be sausage, heat/cook through, place on tortilla.
Add on your favorite cheese to the meat (pictured here is pepperjack) or if your dairy free (like me) skip this step.
Heat up a tad more oil/butter/spray if needed, fry egg, or scramble it if you'd like, place on cheese.
Top it off with tomato, avocado, jalapeno (or not).

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