Thursday, January 12, 2012


~Thankful Thursday~

Thankful for my one of a kind, handsome, smart, artistic, clever & sometimes sarcastic oldest son. First born of 4. Today you got yourself up at 3am, did your homework, ate breakfast, packed your lunch, got on the bus at 6:20. Got home at 2:45 turned around and got your 2nd brother off the bus, ate snack with him, played a game with him. Did a bit of homework after I got home, folded your clean laundry, came down for dinner, took your shower and here it is 7:09pm and your in bed.I Love You, I appreciate all that you do, you are so intellagent and a wonderful artistist. You have really grown & come into your own over the last few years. You speak your mind, question things that may not need questioning, suck up any & all information you can. You are a Junior this year, almost 17, an A/B student. You did the fall/winter drama play, waiting now for soccer season.

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