Monday, July 6, 2009


So we have arrived.
We got in Thursday around lunch.
That's 8 days on the road.
I averaged 7-8 hrs a day,
well one day we did 2 time zones so we did like 10-11 hrs.
The kids really held up great.
The big boys helped out alot
and the little ones did way better then I ever expected.
I have so many pics to post of our trip,
I'm still waiting for Internet to get hooked up on Thursday
and household goods comes in Wednesday.
I got to spend Fri/Sat/Sun with my mom,
it was so nice,
we saw some pretty places
and had lunch.
We drove around a bit today,
found C an archery range just up the road from our house.
Tomorrow we start all the fun stuff like schools and deers,
yay for paperwork.

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