Saturday, July 11, 2009

Olympia Farmers Market

So the whole family headed out today to the Farmers Market,
I think I'll go alone from now on,
maybe it could be my 'MY TIME' once a week,
it was nice though.
I got me some yummy soap......
3 types of Eucalyptus mixed ones,
and for the house we got......
fresh bread & jam,

squash, zucchini, carrots & potatoes,
(I showed an avocado in the pic so you could see the size of the squash & zucchini)


eggs, cream cheese & fresh mozzarella,


ground beef, stew meat & flank steak.
I did lots of price checking so I know for next week.
I'd love to get some fresh mixed greens, peas, green beans
& some fish and pork cuts too.
I saw some nice pottery,
I'll have to pick something out for mom for Christmas.
There was lots of State local fruits
but I really like that the veggie and meat farms are from here,
like a 20mile radius of Olympia.
Oh, oh, oh,
and on the corner of the block where the market is
there's a beautiful garden of flowers & plants that thrive in the area with low water requirements for the summer.
So pretty to see and they all smelled great,
here's my attempt to catch a few pics with batteries dyeing and everyone heading to the car.


My Saturdays are planned through November.

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