Sunday, July 19, 2009

this weekend

Friday mom, myself and the two big boys went hiking.
Seriously....We did 3.8 miles in the
NW WA Temperate Rainforest Quinault.
I'm still sore and it's Sunday.
It was surely nice to enjoy a day with C & A alone with no babies.
Next Friday we're hitting a Game Farm a few hours away.
We'll take the whole family for that trip.
Then mom leaves to go back to TN.
I've really enjoyed having her nearby again.
Well here's some pics of course.
Here's a gift set I did for a birthday party that we went to on Saturday,
It's a sz2T dress w/ shorts and scarf,
I love it so much I'm working on a 6m dress in the same print.
I hit the Market today!
Oh and I found a great little taqueria on the way back.
Lunch was so yummy.
Carnitas tacos w/a side of rice and beans,
I'm talking traditional tacos w/fresh onion, cilantro & lime,
yum, yum, yum, my favorite

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