Thursday, June 25, 2009


So after the most crazy day yesterday.
I'm heading out as soon as my trailer is packed
and I turn in the modem for the Internet.
I'm on my way now to get gas and road snacks.
I'm going to miss my house-
Is that weird?
We upgraded the floors, windows, counter tops,
built walls on the staircase,
did the outside paint and stair-safety-stuff out back.
And I, yes I alone,
painted the whole entire inner (minus the master),
did both big boys rooms twice and the kitchen twice.
Once I get settled I'm going to have to post pics.
Now I'm not going to miss the sq footage,
yes a big house is nice and roomy,
5 bdrms holds a lot of crap,
an actual dining rm was nice,
laundry rm could have been up stairs.
But we didn't think of the fact that I do the majority of the cleaning.
2200 sq feet isn't fun to sweep and mop.
We don't have a lick of carpet anywhere.
Let alone we found out we were expecting Lyla 2 days before we moved in,
morning sickness anyone?
I layed on the floor for 3 months after moving in
and nothing was done during that time.
OK I'm going to stop now-this could go on forever-
Wish me luck, cross your fingers, positive thoughts everyone.
WA here I come!
(with my ragamuffins in tow)

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