Monday, October 11, 2010

Recycle all that glass!

A fun universal Holiday/Birthday/Celebration project.

Here I'm showing it themed for Halloween & J's 6th Birthday to decorate the tables & hand out when everyone leaves.
I can see this for Thanksgiving and giving one to each who attends dinner or even for Christmas, you can hand one out to all at the office.

I got the inspiration from here.

This could be a pretty quick project but C & I worked on these 1/2 the day yesterday everything was all spread out over the dinning room table from noon to midnight.

So lets start!

Prep & supplies needed:

Dig through your glass recycling container

After picking through and getting the ones you want, remember to check for chips & cracks
fill your tub or sink and soak the bottles in warm water.

Rub off all the labels, don't worry about the sticky glue stuff, I'll show you a tip later

(clean out the tub after it drains :)

Let glass dry

Get out all your supplies, here we have two types of paper, 1 long and skinny, 1 short and squared. We have coordinating stickers, & ribbon. Glue, tape, tons of scissors, pens/pencils, a tag/label stamp (optional), fabric scraps (at least 4in circle/square), stencils,rubber bands & plastic wrap (if using popcorn or open candy) oh and a hole puncher

Make sure you have a big ole bag of candy, m & m's, treats, small gift bag toys and even crunch n' munch works well

Now the how to:

Select a bottle, a fabric piece and coordinating paper and sticker, use your imagination and have fun.

After the jar is all decorated, fill as you choose, if its a wide mouth you can do gift bag toys & small individual candy, if its a small mouth you can try out m&m's or popcorn.

Here's a picture of everything ready to go, a hanging to/from tag ribbon, 2 fabrics, & a filled jar.

All done!

here's one with crunch n' munch

& one with m&m's

Oh yeah the sticky glue removal tip.
Fingernail polish removal works wonders.
See below, the before & after, I just rubbed the glue off with a clean dry washcloth that had fingernail polish remover on it.

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