Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm feeling old :(
I'm almost 32, about half grey & a good 30 lbs over weight.
I seem to be tired & grouchy all the time.
I'm not enjoying the projects, playtimes or even being awake.
I'm slacking on the house, not working out, skipping out on taking L to play group.
Well today I weighed myself, 154 lbs at 5ft 1in that's not good.
I thought of starting a diet yesterday- I had rice noodles so yesterday couldn't count.
Today is my first full day of Low-Carbing it again.
It worked a few years ago, its a way of life, it can be done & work for me.
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a Carb-a-holic.
I need to lose at least 29lbs,
I need to be able to ride my bike and not feel like passing out.
Here's to a better me.
I'll name this Tummy & Thigh Thursday
(even though its Wednesday for this first post I'll keep it updated on Thursdays)
and to kick it off right...a picture (not of me :))
Craving a burger?
Have it bun free!
Yes that's mayonnaise, mustard & ketchup too with pickles, onions & tomatoes to round it out as a burger salad

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