Sunday, October 3, 2010

October already!

Football season, Rain, J's B-Day, Decorating, Candy (way to much), Autumn colors everywhere.

C has stepped down from Cross Country :(
A is playing his first year ever in Football
J isn't liking k to much and is schedualed to be moved to a new teacher
L is sprouting like crazy, kinda trying the cry baby route :/
The man is slowly getting back to work, again, he's up for a Saint Barbaras Award! hey it can match my Molly Pitcher Award
Luke got fixed and is driving me bonkers, he seems mean, angry and on edge?
I think I suck at blogging.
I think about coming on here and writing about 'today' but just don't make it over.
I'm not writing for followers, I'm writing to keep track of our lives so we all have something to come back to later on after we are all gone.
We shall see.

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