Monday, December 21, 2009

Empanadillas de .........

Carne, Queso, Guayaba, anything/everything you can think of.
These are a hit in our house, I've been making them since I was about 18, my hubby has been eating them all his life, combine the two of us and they are perfect (if you ask anyone here).

What you need to prepare them:
*pot to deep fry in
*about 1L of your favorite veggie/canola oil
*any type of spider skimmer (btw hubby, I want this one pictured)
*paper towels for draining
*a few oven safe plates
*small bowl of water
*Goya discos (usually 10 to a pack so your choice on how many packs)
*pan to cook meat in

Ingredients for meat filled ones:
*1lb or more ground beef (pork, turkey, chicken if you choose)
*1/2 onion diced
*2-3 garlic cloves diced
*tsp dried oregano
*1 package Sazon (any your choice)
*1 tbsp Adobo (any your choice)
*2 tbsp each Reciato & Sofrito ( I get the tall skinny jars that can be refrigerated-pictured in the caribbean section)
The above if very family friendly, but if all agree, you can add in
*a few green olives diced(yummy)
*a few mushrooms diced

Get your oil started in your big pot (I heat mine up at 5-6 on my electric stove)
In your pan brown & mix all the above ingredients until done. Once done turn it off and let it sit.
As the meat is cooking get your other stuff out and ready,
I use up a counter top for this,
I get my now defrosted discos out of the package and separated,
I get my small bowl of water ready with fork nearby.
Don't forget your plate with paper towel for draining.
All this should preferably be near the pot of oil.
Set oven at its lowest/keep warm temp (170f I believe).

Now your ready to get started.
Lay out a disc, spoon about 2tbsp meat mixture on to the center top half, wipe water all around the inner edge with your finger, fold the bottom half of disc up, slightly press and seal with your finger, then gently press with fork around the outer edges where water is now touching, flip and press with fork on the other side, (make sure your oil is hot-should be by now) drop in the first empanadilla, it will rise once the first side is done, your looking for golden brown in color, once it rises flip and brown the other side, take your lovely spider skimmer and set on plate to drain, repeat repeat repeat, once your plate has about 6 you can place in oven to keep warm while you do the others.

Possibilities are endless really,
quick and easy ones are cheese (any kind- just lay inside, fold, seal, fry and your done)
pizza ones are fun, dab of sauce, bit of cheese, slice or two of pepperoni or veggie
My favorite mozzarella, tomato, green olive, prosciutto

Now if you've actually bought all these ingredients to make this recipe I know you have plently left over, keep them, I'll share more recipes to use them in.

Please note we call these empanadillas-most call them empanadas

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