Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 days to go

Yesterday we had some looks,
it was a large family who ended up coming twice in the same day,
the kicker-I don't think they'll qualify,
being a mil. family just like them I know what they make,
plus shes got her, her hubby, 3 kids, her mom and dad too,
but they want to qualify on her income only,
hum that's odd.
Well 3 days to go till I hit the road,
Oh yeah baby!
So here I am excited to be with the hubby again,
and for J, he's showing the worst of the separation issues,
and just to be outta here,
6 yrs was way long enough,
our heat index was at 103 yesterday,
yeah 68 degrees sounds good to me right about now.
Plus how could you not want to be on the West Coast?
Can you believe it's been 10yrs since I left.
But I'm dreading the drive,
my stress level,
my sanity and my sleep deprived nights to come.
It's bad enough that I can't even sleep alone or through the night here at home.
Thanks to J & L oh Luke & Oreo too.

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