Wednesday, September 25, 2013

meal plan Sept 25-Oct 2

It surely has been a loooong while but I am slowly getting back into to things.

Looking at the fridge today I realized hey I need to go shopping, headed to check out the freezer, wow look at all that meat.....
Ding ding light went on- meal plan around what I have a shop for the missing pieces.

 D. chicken sausage, asian veggies stirfry, fried rice
L. leftover dinner ^
D. tacos- beef & bean, corn on cob
L. tuna & cucumber on sandwich or cracker
D. pork tenderloin, broccoli, sesame & soy fried pasta
L. hotdogs, chips, carrots
D. drumsticks, rice, beans
L. burgers, fries, celery
D. flanksteak, salad, garlicbread
L. leftover dinner ^
D. porkchop, rice, broccoli
L. sandwiches, chips
D. chicken breast wrapped in bacon & asparagus, alfredo pasta
L. leftover dinner ^
D. beef stew, potatoes mushrooms carrots etc., toasted hamburger buns

All meat I had on hand and worked around rotating them.
Pasta, rice and bread (sourdough-sandwich-hotdog/burger buns-tortillas) are always in stock & on hand
Broccoli, corn on cob & asain stirfry mix are always in the freezer.

Breakfast items are pretty basic and always on hand- eggs,bacon, cereal, oatmeal
Snack items are mostly fruit & cheeses

I do bulk make and freeze waffle sticks & muffins for quick grab in the morning or after school

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