Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Gift for the Hubby '12

This year for the husband I bought him a recliner.

Well to help it be more of a Valentines Gift I thought of making it a pillow.
(pillow case actually)

Our colors throughout the house are earth tones with a touch of purple thrown in for me (my "make me smile" color)

I took This Quilted Pillow and tweaked the measurements to fit a standard pillow.

I elongated the sides by doubling them as I went along.
I sandwiched the top and stitched it down.
The back is one solid piece.

Not only am I not good math to figure out the measurements first- I was on a new to me machine, with 2 new feet- I received the 1/4 in foot and the walking foot this weekend soooooo here I was trying them all out on a gift.

Luckily for me the hubby is out of town until the 22nd so I had a few extra days to squeeze the pillow in :)

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  1. Your pillowcase is beautiful and it looks like it compliments the new recliner beautifully! Thank you for linking up to the Showcase!