Wednesday, October 9, 2013

mmmm mmmm good!

Yes that's right, yummy!
Practical Paleo Book has a recipe for chocolate nutfilled candies-
I have done my own twist to them after so many batches but boy oh boy they are so good.

Pictured here is the 3 steps, 
on the left the first dab of chocolate, middle is with the nut mixture added, 
right is with the second dab of chocolate added.
 Once cooled its ready to get peeled and eaten

My adjustments are minor,
 I no longer measure correctly, I just spoon out (with a normal soup spoon) even amounts of the liquids listed. I sprinkle in the cinnamon and omit the salt from the chocolate. I also don't freeze it as stated, I spoon, place nut ball, spoon and refrigerate all at one time. I end up making two batches of chocolate per tray of candies.
As for the nut mixture I do a bigger batch at one time, 2 handfuls or so of almonds and just pour in the honey, I do add the salt to this though. I also roll the mixture into little balls rather than spoon it on as written.

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