Thursday, September 16, 2010

and it's back

The rain that is, I'm totally feeling it & I don't like it :(

~C had his first CC meet and ran in at 23.03. Not bad for the first meet of the season.
He's also in swimming for PE and riding his bike if its not raining. We joke that he's training for a triathlon
~A is doing football this year, bruises, cuts and ice packs.
The doc cleared him to play on his ankle, no pt required but hey here's the kicker, the boy is flat footed-like badly- we go in for insert fittings on Wednesday.
~J is doing very well in school, coming home hungry but doing homework just fine and actually liking the parent drop off/pick up line.
~L, oh L, the little thing is obsessed with nick games.
After eating and getting back home "I play on computer mommy"
How much is too much?

Hopefully tomorrow night we'll rent a movie with the big boys after the little ones go down.

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