Wednesday, May 19, 2010

got to be kidding, right?

But I know the Dentist isn't.

J & L both went in today for their cleanings,
we knew each would need a crown on their back bottom right molar,
what we didn't know was both actually have 5-6 cavities each!

Poor J already had a bad traumatic crown event when he was 3. I don't know how he'll hold up for 2 visits, one for the top fillings and one for the crown.

Today was L's first ever real cleaning and she did excellent she even sat for xrays. L is 3 now and they say they want to just put her to sleep and do all 5 fillings and her crown at once.

Oh my our copay isn't pretty, totalled up for 3 visits is tipping $1,000.

Our snowball to the visa will have to be on hold for a few pay days.

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