Thursday, August 13, 2009


Alexander Lee was born!
I was a week over due,
running across the street to beat the red light bounced him right along.
I labored at home until mom could come get me and drive me to the hospital,
we got there and I delivered around 30mins later.
7lbs7oz 21in long
He was a surprise-I didn't know his gender-I could have sworn I was having a girl.
The names I had where Angelica or Angelina or anything with Angel- in it.
I can't believe he's 13 today.
I can't believe I was 17 having my second child.
Oh these boys better not make me a Nonna anytime soon.
Isn't he handsome!!!
Around here on your birthday you get the day off-no chores-no responsibilities,
you get to pick your dinner of choice and the cake you want.
Recipe time-
This fed 6-
Be warned I cheat when possible and I don't measure much!
Chicken Fried Steak
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
Brown Gravy
Buttered Green Beans
Marble Cake w/3 layers of hidden chocolate frosting

Chicken Fried Steak-
You'll Need;
Beef Cubed Steak
Eggs & Milk
Saltine Crackers
salt & pepper
garlic & onion powder
Vegetable oil
Large frying pan
Meat pounder thingy
3 bowls
Slotted spoon
Cookie sheet
-set oven to lowest temp-warm-around 170F
-pour flour in 1 bowl (about a cup)
-crack 2 eggs in 1 bowl mix well with 1/2 cup milk add garlic & onion powder to taste
-squash and crumble 1 pk of saltines in 1 bowl (you might need another pk)
-heat frying pan on med-5 with enough oil to coat the whole pan about 1/4-1/2in (you will need more oil as you cook)
-take one steak and pound until double the size salt & pepper to taste then cut in half
-flour it, egg it, saltine cracker it place in heated pan
-repeat-hopefully you can get those two in together
-while those two cook you can start the next two
-once golden brown flip-once both side are done place in oven on cookie sheet
-using slotted spoon get the burnt saltines out of oil and add oil if needed before placing in the next two
-repeat as needed
-once all are done they can sit in the oven until need
~I have no idea if that's the right or wrong way to cook chicken fried steak but that's how I've created doing it and no one here complains~
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes-
You'll Need;
Russet Potatoes
Sour Cream
Shredded Cheese
salt/pepper/parsley/garlic powder
Big Pot
Big Bowl
Potato masher
-Peel and Chop 8 potatoes into about 1in pieces
-Place in cold water and bring to a boil until fork tender (I don't time things-they were soft once all the meat was done)
-put in bowl with a big spoon of butter
-Mash a bit then salt/pepper/parsley/garlic powder to taste
-Mash a bit more and add in Sour Cream (about 4oz-I poured in half of a container)
-Mash a bit more and add in a Shredded Cheese (about 1 cup)
-Mash Mash Mash add milk to get texture right (I did about 1/4 - 1/3 cup I think)
Brown Gravy-
You'll need;
~ HeHe HaHa ~
2pks of your favorite Brown Gravy Mix
2 cups water
Small Pot
-Mix the mix & water in pot & heat on med-5, whisk till bubbly and thick, remove
Or follow directions on your package
Buttered Green Beans-
You'll Need;
Frozen Green Beans
-Fill bowl full of Green Beans-top with water-zap it for like 5 minutes
-When done-pour out some of the water and then mix in butter/salt/pepper to taste
Marble Cake w/3 hidden layers-
You'll Need;
1 box Marble Cake Mix (and what ever it calls for)
1 tub Chocolate Frosting
1 tub Vanilla Frosting
2 8in circle pans
Big Knife & lots of plates
I am by no means a baker- I can cook but I cannot bake- again you've been warned!
Bake cakes as directed
Once cooled-
Slice both cakes into 4 cakes
Lay one cake down top w/ chocolate frosting, top w/ another cake & repeat untill you have 4 cakes w/ 3 hidden layers of frosting
Frost and decorate as you wish-
I suck- so heres my candy topped,bad frosting job cake.
I warned you I cheat!
Enjoy if you try any of these!

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